Evening Reading: 6/12/07

Newly subscribed: EchoDitto Labs.  Newly unsubscribed: None, but there are several on the verge.

Mashable has a useful list of 120+ RSS resources.  Fadtastic has a list of 25 ways to improve your web site (Amen to number 3).  The best way, of course, is to add Newsome.Org to your blogroll.

27 confessions of a former Circuit City employee.  It’s all about extended warranties and accessories.

Here’s one of my favorite things in the blogosphere.  People create some new phrase (say, for example, the 4 Hour Workweek) and start to create a religion around it.  Then Stowe Boyd comes along, calls bullshit on it and provides a common sense, logical answer.  I love this quote: “Most people operate on the assumption that the response to increased flow is to intensify what was working formerly: read more email, read more blogs, write more IMs, and so on. And at the same time motor on with the established notions of what a job is, how to accomplish work and meet deadlines, and so on.”  People absolutely have to pick and choose.  Successful people have mastered the art of picking and choosing.  Very successful people have mastered the art of picking and choosing in a way that doesn’t make them look like assholes.

Chip Camden is related to Pocahontas.  Pocahontas is a great song by Neil Young.  That song mentions the Astrodome.  The Astrodome is in Houston.  I live in Houston.  Synchronicity.  Voltaire Camden?  I bet he was the toughest kid in town by the time he was 6.

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