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Y’all Stay With Me ‘Till I Come Down


You can call me that
If it’ll make you feel good

Notice how Junior only sings about 15 words, but still owns this song.  And that guitar….  This and All Night Long, from his record God Knows I Tried, may be the best last two songs on any record.

Junior KimbroughTramp

Come on Baby Don’t Be Cold as Ice


You know what today is, right?

It’s One After 909.

Much of The Beatles’ catalog, while excellent, now bores me to tears, because I’ve heard every song several hundred times (or more).  One After 909 is an exception to that.  It rocks so hard.

While generally considered one of their later songs, it was actually one of the first Lennon-McCartney compositions.

She Knew My Intentions

The Sumner Brothers

I’m a headin’ out to the west, son
I got some tending got to do there
Tell your brothers, tell your sisters
Tell ‘em take care

The Sumner Brothers – Going Out West

A Beat Up Ford and a Jug of Wine


Blossoms in the apple trees,
Full of birds and buzzing bees
It’s summertime.

The Bootleggers, featuring Emmylou Harris – Cosmonaut


The Way I’m Livin’, It’s Gonna Cause My Heart to Ache


The wayward son
He never gets nothing done
If I had some money, I’d be on the run
But all the money I had is gone
All the money I had is gone.

The Deep Dark Woods

You Love Me Up, You Tear Me Down


Sally Green
You sure are mean
Go ahead and do
The things you do
You love me up
You tear me down
You break my broken heart
Right in two.

Fred Eaglesmith

More Fred via my Fred Head Spotify playlist.

Let’s Not Be L-7


Hatty told Matty “Let’s don’t take no chance.
Let’s not be L-seven, come and learn to dance.”

Los PacaminosWooly Bully (live in studio)