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East of Old Dime Box


Here is a fabulous cover of one of the best songs ever written, by Phil Cook & Amelia Meath.

I’m sitting here, about 22 miles southeast of old Dime Box, and about 18 miles southeast of current Dime Box. June 2015 Blog Post Image

Our playlist for June is live.

Enjoy.  Tell your friends.

Weekend Mix: 6/5/15


Some hard to find classic rock.


Here are the first lines of all 14 songs.  Recognize any?

Cassius Clay was hated more than Sonny Liston.
Sometimes I walk around town looking at faces.
He had a haircut like Martin Van Buren.
Come gather ’round me, people, here’s a story you never heard.
Dear Elaine, what have I done.
We drag our arrows up to the edge of town.
You know you sell yourself too short.
Wasted Words about an old love affair.
Sun through the curtains I gave you a sign.
I want to hold the hand inside you.
You gave your best shot.
Mamma’s in the kitchen rattlin’ pans and the baby cries.
They met one night at a party.
Come on in buddy.

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Was There Something in Her Eye

As you thunder towards the future
And you leave it all behind
You can’t wonder was she crying
Or was there something in her eye.

The Star Room Boys may the be the most under-appreciated band of all time, and Dave Marr for sure has the best alt. country voice I’ve ever heard.

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I can’t believe it would be better
if I was hard as nails,
and you were tough as leather.

This such an awesome song

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Weekend Mix: 5/29/15


Some hard to find vinyl classic rock.

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If She Asks You How I’m Fairing


“So call up Trudy on the telephone
Send her a letter in the mail
Tell her I’m hung up in Dallas
And they won’t let me out of this jail.”

Very possibly the best country rock song ever written.