A Halfway Good Idea

I noticed tonight that Google Reader has added a new sharing function, which lets you send items you share to various social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.  You can even create custom “send to” links.


This is a good idea, and would be really helpful- if they had implemented it right.  Which, unfortunately, they didn’t.

As implemented, you are presented with a new link at the bottom of each item.


When you click that link, you are directed to the destination application, where you can then add the desired item to your social network content.

This is about infinity times more complicated than it should be.  Google Reader should give users the option to fill in your social network name and password on the Google Reader Settings page and then automatically add either (at the user’s election):

1. selected items, on a one-click basis (i.e., without having to visit the destination application); or

2. every item you share,

to that social network.

I would very quickly implement the second option, thereby giving me a faster, more flexible way to push my shared items.  It would allow me to avoid the link-dump problem with Twitterfeed.  It would just be a whole lot better.

This was a good idea, halfway done.

0 responses to “A Halfway Good Idea

  1. I posted the following suggestion on Matt Cutts site, http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/google-reader-adds-send-to-feature/. Still waiting for my comment to be approved!"Thanks Matt and the Google Reader team for the feature!Suggestion: Change Send To to be easier to use. Rationale – currently it takes too much time to send Shares to multiple services. In my case, Facebook and Twitter.Here is what I think that could improve things:1. Use a modal or popup2. Add a checkbox beside each service selected via Settings3. Add a Send and Cancel button.4. After person checks the service(s) to send to and clicks Send, automatically send to the selected services. Not sure about this one because I’m not sure what data is sent to each of the services, i.e. DeliciousWhat do you think?Thanks,@DragonI"

  2. I agree I really like the idea but I think not having it just automatically post it was a big loss. maybe they will change that.I do like the idea though.

  3. When I first tried the "Send To" feature, I was expecting to be asked for my Twitter username and password. I was surprised when I was sent to Twitter with the dialog box already filled out. Seems like it would be just as easy to be able to send or share directly from Google Reader.

  4. Dragonl, I like your ideas. I just want my shared items pushed to the networks of my choice automatically and in close to real time.Jeff and Steve, I hope they will eventually make this feature better by doing something along the lines of what we are suggesting.