A Glimmer of Hope for Jericho?


The Associated Press is reporting that CBS is considering bending to popular demand and bringing back Jericho for a mid-season run.

According to the story, a source close to the Jericho production team says that CBS is reconsidering its decision to cancel Jericho, based largely on viewer calls and emails.  Apparently the fact the Jericho is popular with young adult viewers, a demographic coveted by networks and their advertisers, is a factor working in the show’s favor.

Disgruntled viewers also delivered 50,000 pounds of peanuts to CBS’s New York office, a reference to the word “nuts,” which was used prominently in the season finale.

Jericho was/is a great show, and I hope CBS does the cool thing and brings it back.  This time without the ratings killing hiatus.

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0 responses to “A Glimmer of Hope for Jericho?

  1. I wonder how many viewers a show like that would get if it was just released on YouTube or something similar and how much it costs to make an episode and how much advertisers would pay to be part of a commercial during the show.Now that I’m starting to get into YouTube, I would probably follow the first “big” mainstream show to try to make the jump to the internet but it would probably be a huge money loser at this point, I guess.

  2. I am excited to hear that Jericho might come back, and to Mike’s comments above, it is available on a somewhat similar medium – CBS InnerTube. That is where I have watched every episode thus far.