The TV Networks are Superfluous to the User Generated Video Movement

Variety is reporting that ABC is “hoping to reinvent the newsmagazine for the YouTube generation with a show produced by ABC News but based on user-generated video.” 

i-Caught, a new show with a Web 2.0 worthy and grammatically challenged name, will get a six-week run on ABC starting August  6.  If it does well, it might return midseason.

It won’t do well for one reason.  ABC, and the other TV networks, are superfluous to the user generated video movement.  YouTube, Google, the blogosphere and hordes of other online media hubs already constitute a distributed video on demand system that exists without the need for a traditional broadcast medium.

ABC brings nothing to the table users can’t get elsewhere, whenever they want it, and generally without all the advertising.

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0 responses to “The TV Networks are Superfluous to the User Generated Video Movement

  1. not sure I agree with you that CBS has nothing to add. They can add an editing capability (like those who choose the America’s Funniest Videos) and the can deliver the UG-video to those who haven’t gone looking for it (Mr & Mrs CouchPotato).Can you get these “anywhere else”? Sure, but you’ve got to know where or how to look.

  2. I thought about America’s Funniest Home Videos, but I’m not convinced the audience that watches that show is going to be interested in i-Caught, unless the network goes for the cheap humor. And if that happens, the YouTube generation probably wouldn’t go for it.