Jericho – A Powerful Anti-War Message


I’m even more sold on Jericho after the second episode.  Good writing, good acting.

And a powerful anti-war message.

The last scene tonight, when Hawkins was thumbtacking the cities that have been bombed, was a very powerful scene.

I’m looking forward to this show.

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0 responses to “Jericho – A Powerful Anti-War Message

  1. Hi Kent,I was impressed as you were with the premiere episode and it’s shaping up to be quite a good series. I haven’t been big on following any television in years but this one has my attention. I’m an eternal optimist in many respects, but for some reason I’ve always intrigued by apocalyptic tales (ever read (or see) The Stand by Stephen King? – one of my absolute fave books). They’ve got so many angles they could explore with a story and setting like this one. Let’s hope they keep up the intensity. The quality of acting etc, really seems to be there.