Jericho- Looks Very Promising



I just watched the series premiere of Jericho, and so far I’d say it is shaping up to be a great show.  Lots of good stuff in the first episode- that was an intense moment when they realized that Atlanta had been blown up too.

Most shows I like (Surface, Invasion, Threshold, etc.) get canceled almost immediately, so I hope I’m not cursing this show, but I am looking forward to it.

TVSquad has a mixed, but mostly positive review.

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  1. Doubt they’ll pull the plug on this one though. I saw it last night and I’d have to agree with you, I liked it so far. As long as they can keep up the anticipation that they’ve created, it’ll play out just fine. I think we’ll also probably see a slight change in the style of the show as we go along, as the writers get some fan feedback.The Jericho Community