Goal Tracking Made Easy

It’s the simple things that solve real problems that have the most potential to make a difference. When I saw those little power strip savers a year or two ago, I couldn’t believe someone hadn’t thought of that years ago.


I feel the same way about Joe’s Goals, which I read about today at Lifehacker.

Joe’s Goals is a straight forward, simple to use and seriously useful online goal tracking application. You sign up, set goals (both things to accomplish and to avoid) and track your progress. A neat feature is that you get one point for every goal you meet each day and lose a point for every one you miss. If you think in math like I do, you could average your weekly scores and create a trend line (integrated charts and trend lines would be a really cool feature for a future release).

I set up a few goals in about 2 minutes and now have a little tangible incentive to eat healthy, work hard, etc.

Check out Joe’s Goals- you’ll be glad you did.

0 responses to “Goal Tracking Made Easy

  1. I’ve started using this for a couple days and its simple interface is refreshing. I’ll have to see if I can stick with it, and if I do does it actually motivate me to perform more “good” tasks.