Earthquakes, Hurricanes and the Math Thing

Doc Searls has a thoughtful and scary post today on earthquakes.

Today is the 100th anniversary of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.

Thankfully, I’ve never experienced an earthquake. But Hurricanes are a constant worry here along the Texas coast and I have stood outside my house more than once in the yellowish glow of a bad storm and listened for the train-like sound of a tornado.

I remember the very first Sim City game. I didn’t like the natural disasters, so I turned them off. Unfortunately, you can’t do that in real life.

I hope we are spared another hurricane and I hope California is spared another earthquake. But as Doc points out, the math is not in either of our favor.

0 responses to “Earthquakes, Hurricanes and the Math Thing

  1. Great analogy about the first Sim City game. I HATED those natural disasters. I could deal with the tornados, but those earthquakes always sent my score over the tipping point with no chance of getting back in the game.Thanks for pointing out Doc’s post. I unsubscribed to Doc’s feed after about a year because his post titles were too cryptic. I really enjoy his work (both podcasting and writing), but it was too much work gleaning for the good stuff. I figure I’d stay informed through links from others, like this one.In an unrelated comment, I wanted to mention how much I got from your recent The Possibility of Miracles post. Thanks.