C|Net’s 10 Best Products

top10C|Net has released its list of the top 10 digital products of the last 10 years. I went 7 for 10, having owned or used all but three.

Here’s the list, with my take:

1) iPod- I’ve never owned or used the device C|Net proclaims the best ever. The file limitations and DRM are more than I am willing to deal with. If you consider iPods to be the representative of MP3 players in general, however, I can’t argue with a high ranking. I’ve used several Creative products, including the small MuVo, which remains my MP3 player of choice.

2) TIVO- My TIVO deathwatch demonstrates my love of this technology. TIVO is dying a sad death at the hands of DirecTV and the Hollywood cartel, but I would nevertheless put it number 1 on my list.

3) Google- Google changed the web and the world, for the better. No argument here. I use it several times a day.

4) Napster- The original incarnation, not the DRM infested current imposter, ushered in the age of P2P. It was revolutionary technology that worked…until the RIAA killed it.

5) Firefox- I use Firefox some. In fact, I’m using it right now. But top 10 all-time? You’ve got to be kidding me.

6) PalmPilot- I’m a Blackberry guy, but I’ve used PalmPilots and they are very intuitive and useful.

7) Motorola Startac- I used one for years. I’m over the flip phone now, but it sure was a vast improvement over the corded monster in my truck that it replaced.

8) Apple iMac- Here’s a confession: I haven’t used an Apple computer since the 80s. It looks cool and may be the greatest thing ever, but I wouldn’t know.

9) Sony Digital Mavica- I had (actually still have) one of these. It takes digital photos directly onto a floppy disk! A great digital camera at the time.

10) The Sims- I played this game a little bit. It was cool, but not as cool as Sim City or Sim Farm, and definitely not one of my big four games.

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